The Vinyljustice & Lottie show breaks listener record figures on Ruff Diamond Artists Radio.

The Vinyljustice & Lottie show breaks listener record figures on Ruff Diamond Artists Radio.

The Vinyljustice & Lottie show is exactly that, a show. While most radio shows specialise in musical styles,  and a serious approach to their shows. DJ Vinlyjustice and his hostess Lottie keep the professionalism going but mix it with a blend of inter-action, comedy and many different genres of music.  In 2012 they won an award for best guest show on multi-genre music internet radio station Spice Radio.  Considering hardcore/rave music is perhaps one of the least listened to genres of music out there, this made winning this award an even more amazing achievement.


Who are Ruff Daimond Artists?

For a more detailed description of who they are check the following link:-

Ruff Diamond Arstists are a promotion agency who help you get your tracks and mixes to the right names out there in the music industry.  In February 2013 Vinyljustice & Lottie had an incredbile audience of over 200 listeners  on the RDA (Ruff Diamond Artists) radio show. To put this into context, the show was 30 mins late, it was supposed to start at 6pm and didn’t start until 6.30pm and there wasn’t even a show on before them, in fact RDA normally only switch their station on when they have one of their artists guest on there, which could be once a month!

So how did the shows come about?

dj vinyljustice explains how the partnership was born.

“well I guess, It all came about because Lottie used to come and jam with us when we had a weekly show on the now defunct internet radio station Newtechpirates. She wanted to contribute in some way, so I suggested she could help me in the chatrooms, this quickly turned into her helping me out on the mic, which in turn helped me (vinyljustice) to concentrate on the mixing. The only problem with this was, that she would get carried away and I would have to point that out to her, and what many perceived as banter and entertainment was just me telling Lottie to calm down half the time!”


Which stations can we find the show  on?

None! Their reputation is such, that they are only booked to do guest shows, and for anybody that follows internet radio out there, that is not a bad idea  at all, considering that there are well over 200 radio stations out there out there in the UK Dance music scene.

So what next for the show?

DJ Vinyljustice says’

“ There is a part of me that knows I should join a station permanently  like most other djs, but maybe that’s what keeps the show fresh and me motivated?, i know  its something different that really hasn’t been done over the internet before (we don’t do FM studios, as Lottie has a 2-year-old daughter) .  And so i guess moving forward, I am quite happy to continue what we are doing. I know there a few stations still out there that I have contacted and have not got back to me despite numerous emails, so hopefully after seeing this article that may change!”

So there you go, its one of the most entertaining, refreshing and addictive shows you will ever hear over the internet with an array of banter second to none and a great selection of tunes just to top it off.

Some links!:-

Listen to their Ruff Diamond Artsits show from Feb 2013 here:-

past Vinyljustice & Lottie shows can be found here:-

Shouts :-

Thanks to the following stations for putting up with us and having us on over the years :- Ruff Diamond Artists Radio, Spice Radio, Tongies Groove, The Underground, Unite Radio & HCore FM, and to the following stations, gone but never forgotten , Newtech Pirates,Hardcore United, Hardcore Revolution, Hardcore Regime, Battle Station Radio and X-Treme Beatz


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