Hardcore music, which stations to listen to on the internet?

There are currently a few leading the way for hardcore music right now

The biggest of the lot is undoutably http://www.happyhardcore.com/radio and www.hardcoreradio.nl/‎ which are major worldwide franchised stations.

Concentrating on the pirates, pacifically the uk, then www.kraftyradio.com leads the way.

A few more that do a good job to represent hardcore are www.totalhardcoreradio.com,http://www.eruptionuk.co.uk, and http://www.amnesia-radio.com.

Beyond that you really begin to enter the world of mulit-genre stations, with probably http://www.roughtempo.com being one of the leading stations to attract big names and give hardcore music good coverage.

But who knows how long all this will last? stations seem to have a pretty short shelf life. But deep into 2013 these are without doubt the best stations to listen to if you prefer your beats banging!

Recommended shows (all correct from Jun 2013)

12pm-3pm Billy Bunter & Guests http://koollondon.com
(Though upfront hardcore isn’t played on this show, it still brings in some really big names from within the scene)

8pm-9.30pm (Twisted Tuesdays) Shady Shea & MC Ishter
(This show features probably one of the best hardcore mc’s out there right now)

11pm-1am DJs on rotation include Ramos,Unknown, Breeze  http://www.roughtempolive.com/

9pm-10pm The Hardcore Underground Show DJs: Fracus, Darwin, Nu Foundation & guests

7pm-9pm DJ Tech http://www.totalhardcoreradio.com
(One of the best scratchers out there)

7pm-8pm Scarred Digital Show presented by Sc@r http://www.kraftyradio.com
(Best breakthrough DJ 2012)

8pm-9pm (Starting  in July)
Cyber & Giggly  http://www.kraftyradio.com
(Pure Underground,Tasty,Raindance etc,, a DJ couple taking the UK by storm right now)

8.30pm-9.30pm (The TFiT Show)  Shady Shea & MC Ishter

12am-2am Kutski http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1

5pm-7pm Slipmatts World Of  Rave Show

8.30-10pm Shady Shea & MC Ishter http://www.southern-hardcore-vibes.co.uk

9pm-11pm Gemma MacLeod http://www.amnesia-radio.com/
(Sometimes does live vocal singing over the top of her tracks)

4pm-5pm Miss Special K  http://www.kraftyradio.com
(Superstar dj plays at Hardcore Heaven, HTID, Fantazia etc)

* MC Ishter isn’t doing many shows at the moment due to work commitments

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