Vinyljustice & Lottie win Best Guest Show on Spice Radio again

This time the competition was greater than ever, with top names in the scene like Vinyl Vera, we were lucky enough to tie the votes and so share jointly with Vinyl Vera the title of Best Guest Show 2013 on . A massive, massive shout to all the listeners for voting for us and the management for letting us come on and share our crazy antics with them.

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A full list of the winners :-
Best DJ – Gumby
Best Show – Nikki D
Best DJ Name – Prime Movements
Best Studio Set-Up – dappa d
Best Guest Show – Vinyljustice & Lottie / Vinyl Vera
Most Dedicated Listener – Nikki D
Comedian ( DJ/Listeners) – Stuboy
Most Entertaining DJ – Gumby
ScratchMaster – DJ Sweet
Most Professional Host – Nikki D
Alcoholic – Crazy T
Biggest Flirt – Crazy T/Stuboy
Biggest Moaner – Crazy / Kat
Webcam Slacker- Nikki D
Sexiest Voice DJ – Tricksy
Biggest Spammer – Nikki D
Best Newcomer DJ – Sammy String
Best Jingles – Dappa D
Sexiest DJ -Tricksy / Nikki D
Most Reliable DJ – Nikki D
Best Cover DJ – Anubis
Best Cam Dancer – Gumby
Most Stylish DJ – Dappa D
—— host competitions ——-
Most memorable moment – Artis /Bear
Biggest flopper – Crazy / Remzie
Competition winners – Coco

Watch and Listen to the awards all over again here:-


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