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Hello i’m Vinyljustice, i used to DJ and party all weekend, now i only do it once in a while, oh the joys of getting older lol. I’m always having a joke and a laugh, so if you’re serious then stop reading this right now! For the rest of you i hope you enjoy my profile and thanks for taking the time out to read it!

I first got into it all when I was exposed to The Prodigy on the radio and I thought to myself this music is for me! Being at college and not working at the time, money was hard to come by. What money I did have was spent on records every week at Remix Records in Camden.

At the time my decks were the most prehistoric thing you could think of, built in disco decks!


Thankfully I got past this stage and got myself a pair of soundlabs, then in 1997 I finally got myself a pair of technic 1210’s! So there I was all set to go, with my decks and records. Now I needed to get myself known, or at least try! I handed a demo tape to DJ Triptech, he ran a pirate radio station called Feelin FM, he was going to become a very good friend of mine in years to come.

Another friend of mine was Geoff. Geoff and I had gone to school together; Geoff’s brother Mike (DJ Perception), along with Jason owned a wicked little record shop in Victoria, London called Elite Records. It was here that i first met DJ Triptech and where I bought the majority of my hardcore music from.

About a year later I began playing on a different station called Hyper FM, with them I got bookings at Future Dance and Labyrinth respectively; this lasted for a few years until I decided it was time for another change.

I had a go at co-promoting an event called Strictly Hardcore. To do this type of thing regularly takes some serious money and dedication, so a few times was enough for me. Instead I had a go at making a few tunes in the studio, meeting up with DJ Impact from Nu-Nrg.

All the tracks I made were on FBI Recordings but unfortunately were never released onto vinyl, and then as fate would have it I bumped into DJ Triptech again, after losing contact with him for many  years. He told me of an internet station he was starting up called Newtechpirates.

On Newtechpirates i had my own show with my crazy friend Lottie!!!! But what i enjoyed most of all about being on Newtechpirates, was arranging the guest shows. We had many different guests on there  including Suzy Solar, Slipmatt and Vicky Devine. After doing the guest shows for a few years i tried doing a few of my own parties again called Beats and Breaks, but with me working all the time it was hard to commit to such a big project, so i tried a few other things like podcasts etc.

Eventually I started another night up called funktionality, but again work commitments got in the way.

Then cancer struck, all my energy and enthusiasm was taken away from me and the only thing I could and needed to concentrate on was my health. For almost 5 years I was in and out of hospital every 3 months, until eventually I got the all clear and there was only one thing for it, carry on where I left off and get back to the music!

I was fortunate enough to be asked to do a guest show on Spice Radio, after doing almost nothing for 5 years, someone somewhere had heard of me in the midst of time!

The show went really well and one day Lottie happened to be around so we teamed up again like the old days to terrorize the airwaves.  These shows led to an award for best guest show 2012 and 2013 (shouts to all the listeners for voting for us!).

More info on my shows with Lottie can be found here: –


Things have moved quite quickly from there with residencies at Twisted Systems (Gloucestershire) and Pure Underground, Revolution (London) and forthcoming  releases on major hardcore labels  like (Tryed’n’Tested)  and (Stamina Records) , watch this space for a release dates!……………

Anyway that’s the latest on my colourful hobby; i can’t call it career i don’t make enough money for that!

The following are what i remember, apologies to those i forgot, but to be fair i have been going for 15 years more or less now, lol

Played out @ Labrynth, Future Dance, Strictly Hardcore, Twisted Systems, Pirates Unite, Functionality, Breaks & Beats, Twisted Systems, The Blue Room (Glasgow), Pure Underground

Radio Stations i have played on:- Newtech pirates, Hardcore Regime, Hardcore Revolution, Hardcore United, Ultraviolent, Battle Station Radio, Unite Radio, HCore FM, Hyper FM, XTreme Beatz,, Spice Radio, Desiderium, Total Hardcore, Darksyde FM, Ruff Diamond Artists Radio, Headrush, Neradio FM (Sweden), The Underground Radio, Haze FM, Desiderium, Amnesia, Subbass FM


Special shouts to all following music contacts who kept in contact with me when I was battling against the odds (DJ Triptech, Phantom D, Bob Smythe, Swampy B and DJ Caine)

For those with Facebook feel free to add me:-

peace out vinyl j..


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