Funktionality-The Hardcore All Dayer-Jan 2014-Review

Well where can i start, what a success, i think a review is in order! Ah where to start? So the first thing is this gig was not even supposed to happen. I had been invited to guest on an internet station called Brooksys Beats, and Tracey (DJ Brooksy) the owner, somehow started asking me if all her djs could come to London to do a meet up and broadcast from my house for the weekend. I thought with that many djs coming to visit me, surely it made sense to just hire out the local pub and have them all play there instead. Anyway event pages were made up and taken down (unknown to me, DJ Brooksy was super nervous about all this and i gave her admin rights to the event page, lesson learnt!) But it finally got on track at the third time of asking and i relaunced the name from Brooksys Beats radio bash, to an old gig i used to run called Funktionality. As Brooksys Radio was mostly hardcore music, i went with that theme and we (Brooksy and I) split our djs four each, for the eight hours, me choosing Paul Ectomorph, who was coming on board with me anyway and had been there when i booked the pub, DJ Infinity from the mighty Kool FM, Red Eye Jedi (who fell ill) and was later replaced by Doug EG & Coopa ,DJ Ben Manic and MC’s Elite & DHD. Brooksy choose Just Jo , Mizz T, Chris-E and herself of course .

As the days ticked on i noticed that DJ Ben Manic was starting to call this an event and it made me wonder if i had led people down a false road, but when i look back on it, i think it was just a really clever piece of marketing by the Manic and i would like to thank him for his almost daily posting and advertising across social media sites.

he played a very major role in promoting the gig on social media

DJ Ben Manic played a very major role in promoting the gig on social media

The lead up to the night only experienced one hiccup after that which was DJ Brooksy pulling out after a few personal problems.

And so on to the day of the gig. I got a phone call mid afternoon from DJ Just Jo, who was having car trouble and so was unable to make it with the cd decks, this would go on to have a baring on the evening. We done our best to soldier on with the pioneer cdj 100s and also had the technics down there , but because we were so late setting up, we did not have time to do many sound tests, and as soon as i plugged the cd decks in, Doug EG and Coopa were on a mission to get in the mix and understandably so it was after 6pm after all, unfortunately this was going to come back and bite me later on though when the first dj wanting to use turntables at 7pm Chris E, would be the first to suffer for this hiccup with the set up. I know its all a bit late in the day now, but i now know the turntables also plug in to the line in on the mixer, rather than going into the phono sockets (that bit of crucial information for the teccy geeks and me next time!), So apologies to Chris E, Infinity & Mizz T who i believe prefer the vinyl to the cds.

Moving on to the night itself and DHD and MC Vision set the standard straight away with some really energetic mcing with the first djs Coopa & Doug EG who played upfront hardcore. Next up was Chris-E and sound problems aside, he played a really interesting set of mash ups, but keeping that hardcore theme going. It was then my turn to step up and i had nominated myself to do the hardcore breaks shift. This is one of them sets where you cant please everyone and sure enough when i finished, people were making the point to me that i played way too much drum’n’bass and others told me the opposite and told me i  played too much hardcore!  Ahhh the music genre that is hardcore breaks, love it!

The Venue starts to fill up and the hardcore continues to pump out

The Venue starts to fill up and the hardcore continues to pump out

Now from this point onward i had a few things to sort out with bar staff,fire alarms etc, etc, so only caught small bits of the sets by DJ Infinity who i believed play happy hardcore from 94-95, DJ Ectomorph who slammed down the freeform and DJ Ben Manic along with MC Elite who played quite uplifting with a touch of Gabba. It was then into the final set on the night with DJ Mizz T and Dan C who played a powerstomp set, for those who don’t know what this is, its the biggest sub genre movement in the hardcore scene right now. As this was the final set it gave me a chance to relax from the whole evening and get my stomp on and bask in a really successful night.

I could talk about the after-party but for all those that know, that was pretty awesome as well!

So there we have it, a great night all round, and the only question remaining is whens the next one? April time i am hoping, please join the Funktionality group to find out exactly when it will be and to check out vids and pictures from the gig.

Absolutely massive shouts to all the djs,mc’s and everyone that turned up and made it a really special night. until next time.

Peace out

Vinyl J

Here is the eflyer from the gig

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